Strategy Consulting

What is strategy consulting?

Strategy consulting is a type of management consulting, meaning that it generally deals with advising at higher, "big-picture" levels of a firm. Strategy consultants are expected to have deep industry knowledge that they can apply to individual firms to help them make high-level decisions. Strategy consulting can have positions in any industry, and can often offer advice and expertise in very specific industries. Organizations hire strategy consultants to focus their entire attention on looking at a problem from various angles, while company officials are left to run the organization, and thus, strategy consulting is a very competitive field.

What strategy roles are there outside of consulting?

The two most common exit opportunities from strategy consulting are business school and careers in finance, with a large number of consulting alumni working in private equity and at hedge funds. However, the skills developed while working in strategy consulting are applicable to a wide variety of fields. Former strategy consultants have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and executives at large companies, thanks to the skills acquired in their roles as consultants, the networks they developed, and the widespread reputation of consulting for analytical excellence across all industries.

Strategy opportunities at a glance

We know that it's often difficult to accurately and objectively compare one consulting firm against another. We have therefore gathered the information below from company websites, information sessions, as well as personal coffee chats with firm representatives, so that you are able to make informed decisions:

Interview resources

Being prepared for the case interview is paramount to receiving an offer with a consulting firm.