Meet the Team

Our mission 

The mission of Brown Consulting Club is to be a fully student-run organization that:

Prepares students for careers in consulting through real projects

 Club members will have the opportunity to work on semester-long consulting projects with real companies to learn about the field and what it means to be a consultant. These concrete experiences will help students understand the field and hone their skills.

Meaningfully grows companies and addresses their research needs

A primary goal is the Brown Consulting Club is to have a meaningful impact on companies by providing extremely high-quality consulting work and helping to answer difficult questions.

Genuinely values increasing accessibility to the consulting industry

BCC was founded to provide resources and opportunities to students interested in consulting. BCC constantly strives to improve equity and inclusion both in BCC as well as the consulting indsutry. We value differences in student backgrounds and perspectives; when every member is empowered, we're able to critically solve challenges to create meaningful impact.

Is pre-professional and acts as a liaison between students and the field of consulting

In addition to holding education sessions that teach students how to prepare for case and behavioral interviews, the Brown Consulting Club will bring consulting firms on campus for networking events and case competitions to will help students and members gain access to the firms as well as connect firms to a pool of students who are interested and experienced in the field of consulting.

Our BCC family

Executive Board

Partners, Associates, & Analysts 

Our demographics

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Advisors (BCC Alumni)

Our alumni are employed by industry-leading firms, many of whom volunteer as project mentors for our client projects.