BCC Mentoring

BCC offers direct mentoring to any Brown student who requests it which aligns with our mission to increase accessibility to the case interview and to allow students to gain hands on experience with consulting:

E&I-Focused Mentorship Program

We focus on pairing individuals who identify with E&I backgrounds (UFLI, first-gen, Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+, etc.) with upperclassman mentors who have experience with the process. Mentees have access to support and guidance from their mentor as an additional resource in navigating the recruiting process.

Mock Case Interview (Fall Only)

Practice a mock case interview with a student who has been through the full casing and interview processes, and receive feedback on your interviewing skills.

Curated Resources Directory

Consulting recruitment can sometimes be a convoluted and often overwhelming process. The following resources have been curated by BCC to help all students feel more confident applying to consulting internships and full time positions. 

1-on-1 Interview(s) w/ BCC Member(s)

Interested in the experiences of members of BCC for yourself? The following page contains 1-on-1 interviews with current and past members about their time in BCC and the experience they have gained.

Minority opportunities, at a glance

There are many minority opportunities out there, and it can take a lot of research and organization to find out what opportunities are right for you, and which ones you should apply to. We have compiled a spreadsheet of opportunities that you can look through and apply to:

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Consulting, at a glance

Not all consulting is created equal, and it can be hard to navigate opportunities when you don't know the difference between various types of consulting. We decided to take some of the stress off of your shoulders and help you decide what type of consulting you want to pursue, and what firms and programs are available for that type.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting is a type of management consulting, meaning that it generally deals with advising at higher, "big-picture" levels of a firm. Strategy consultants are expected to have deep industry knowledge that they can apply to individual firms to help them make high-level decisions. Strategy consulting can have positions in any industry, and can often offer advice and expertise in very specific industries. Organizations hire strategy consultants to focus their entire attention on looking at a problem from various angles, while company officials are left to run the organization.

Economic Consulting

Economic consulting covers more specific ranges of consulting than management consulting, dealing mostly with government organizations and cooperations to help solve problems and disputes that fall under the umbrellas of economics, business, and law. Economic consultants can solve problems that range from estimations of future liabilities to helping with legal disputes. Economic consultants can help prepare reports and assist in trials. Large economic consulting firms are often able to handle disputes in a wide variety of cases, from health care to labor.  

Business programs at a glance

Post-graduate MBA programs:

Harvard 2+2 Program 

Information | Application | Events

Yale SOM Silver Scholars Program

Information | Application | Events

Stanford Graduate School of Business

 Information | Application | Events

Columbia Deferred Enrollment Program

 Information | Application | Events

MIT Sloan School of Management Early Admission 

 Information | Application | Events

Deferred MBA Booth Scholars Program

 Information | Application

Rutgers Future Leaders 2+2 Program

 Information | Application

Cox School of Business MBA Direct