Why partner?

As a partner, you'll be in direct contact with students passionate about consulting throughout the school year and working with BCC to increase your campus presence, hosting events for students to learn about your company and how they can get involved. Below are some events we have personally seen to be successful on campus and that we would love to help collaborate on.

Our partners

Thank you to our partners for all of their support!

Our partners at Brown University

Event partnerships

These are examples of events we've held with companies in the past:

Information Session

These would involve a presentation at the Brown CareerLab or elsewhere on campus during which you introduce your firm and opportunities for students at your company.

Student Workshop

Workshops would allow you to make the interview process become more accessible and exciting for students, which would encourage more people to apply, while simultaneously selling them on your firm. They would either involve interactive presentations with mid-sized audiences at the CareerLab or elsewhere on campus, or one-on-one sessions at the CareerLab during which you can offer individualized feedback to students. Some sample workshop topics include how to do a case interview workshop, consulting 101, resume reviews, and mock interviews.

Networking Events

These would either be mid-sized events on or off campus with multiple firm representatives in a room to allow students to walk around and ask questions, or one-on-one sessions at the CareerLab to facilitate more in-depth conversations and to allow you to pre-screen resumes, if you are interested in doing so. Some sample events include coffee chats and dinner.

Other Events

Similar to our student workshops, these events are a more casual opportunity for students and firms to network and get to know each other in a smaller setting. These events would likely have an attendance cap and be hosted in a mid to large room on campus or at the CareerLab. Some examples of these types of events are trivia, game night, poker night, and jeopardy. We’re also open to working with you and your company to host customized, one-of-a-kind events and recruiting efforts on campus.

What we'll do

For each of these events, we would be willing to help plan the event and handle the entirety of student marketing, including but not limited to:

Interested in hosting an event on campus or have questions? Click the above button, or reach out individually to Sarah Bao (, our Corporate Relations Chair.