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Brown Consulting Club will provide your company with top-notch consulting services completely free of charge and tailored to your goals. Through detailed project work streams, BCC connects our clients with leading expert opinions, such as world-renowned Brown facility and professional BCC alumni in the industry, in addition to high-impact research to solve critical challenges you may be facing. Our members are all carefully selected each semester through a rigorous application process, including written statements, case studies, and live interviews.


Thank you for your interest in working with BCC for the Fall 2024 Semester! We are extremely excited in the prospect of an engagement with your organization. If you are chosen as one of our clients for the following semester, we will reach out to begin scoping the project and building out a detailed workplan for the fall semester. Applications for Fall 2024 are currently open.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our Project VPs, Frank Chiu or Gaby Choi.




Project Team Staffing

We pair your company with a 6-person team of trained, passionate students lead by an experienced Project Lead and Project Vice President to help you solve a critical problem.


Assessing Our Value Creation

We begin by asking our client what their main pain points are and how/where we can step in via individualized project work streams.


Pre-Semester Planning

We schedule client calls before the semester to scope out the overarching business problem and draft out a plan of action of how to tackle the problem throughout the semester.


Semester-long Research

Our partners, associates, and analysts work throughout the semester to perform research and put together a final Assertion Statement and Presentation.


Final Deliverables

Our project teams will present our final deliverable and recommendations to the client at the end of the semester.


Below is a sample of companies that BCC has consulted for in the past, including NVIDIA, Walmart, Major League Baseball, Airbnb, etc.. It is in our best interest every semester to work with organizations in a wide range of industries (healthcare, fintech, entertainment, start-ups, NGOs, energy, education, consumer goods, food and beverage, etc.).


Take a look at previous project examples to get a better sense of how BCC operates and approaches our workplaces.

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